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       from a dream to reality...       

Ami Savani is the founder & CEO of A Mermaids Secret (AMS); a Massage and Holistic Therapy Service based in Hove, East Sussex. 


Before dedicating full-time to AMS, Ami studied Physiology BSc at UCL; a top London University, followed by Beauty Therapy Level 2, and Holistic Therapies Level 3.


AMS started back in 2012, when Ami found a gap in the industry, with clients needing affordable high-quality treatments. Quite often, high quality treatments found in remote spas were too expensive and were neither accessible nor affordable to those needing regular treatments. 


Whilst the early years of AMS was a mixture of both beauty and limited massage treatments, over the last 10 years, Ami has taken further studies, developed and evolved her treatments creating new fusion massage treatments with a combination of alternative styles and skills, allowing her to create signature treatments to the clients individual needs.

Combining her scientific background with her spiritual upbringing within an Indian household, not only are the massage treatments a fusion, but the attitude in which she carries out the treatment is a fusion of both science and holistic spirituality. 


She has often been told that she has "healing hands", "can work miracles" and is a "miracle doctor". She is open to work on male, female and gender neutral clients of any age over 16, (or younger with parental consent and presence).  


In addition to her time at AMS, Ami regularly spends her time at the gym, enjoys good music, designing her newest arts/crafts projects, learning new hobbies and skills and having dinner made for her by her good friends!

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